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Italian Chili pepper in Olive oil

Italian chili pepper in olive oil

€ 2,50

100 g

Olive Oil with Onions

Olive oil with onions

€ 12,20

0,500 L

Chili Cream in Olives oil

Chili cream in olives oil

€ 5,00

200 g

White Sweet-sour Condiment

White sweet-sour condiment

€ 5,40

0,500 L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

€ 80,90

5 L

Fashion Victim Lounge Rosè

Fashion victim lounge rosè

€ 7,90

0,750 L

Le Minele - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Le minele - extra virgin olive oil

€ 14,50

1 L

Il Trovatore - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il trovatore - extra virgin olive oil

€ 13,80

1 L

Lasagne al forno

Lasagne al forno

€ 2,20

250 g

Intimate Wash with Olive Oil

Intimate wash with olive oil

€ 4,20

200 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

€ 49,00

3 L

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP Red Label

Balsamic vinegar of modena igp red label

€ 10,70

0,250 L

Our oil-milling traditions date back to the 19th century, to the great-great-great-grandfather Zeno Veronesi and the great-great-grandfather Benedetto, later taken over by great-grandfather Vincenzo, who opened the "Frantoio per Olive Veronesi" on Lake Garda in Brenzone in 1918, then moved it to Lazise in 1938, managed by his sons under the name Fratelli Veronesi.
In 1958, the grandfather Domenico became sole owner, succeeded in 1988 by our father Emanuele. At a later date, the management was attributed to us children: Sofia, Giacomo and Augusto Veronesi. Even today, as in the past, we maintain the same cold working system.