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Data Controller

The use of cookies by  Frantoio Veronesi s.r.l. ("the Administrator"), with registered office at Via G. Verdi, 1, 37017, Lazise, Verona,email: info@frantoioveronesi.com, falls under the Manager’s privacy policy, in conformity with the terms of Legislative Decree 196/03 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Privacy Code) and the Order of 8 May 2014, “Identification of the simplified procedures for providing information and getting consent for the use of cookies” from the Italian Data Protection Authority. Pursuant to Art. 13 of the Privacy Code, we inform you that Frantoio Veronesi s.r.l., as Data Controller, acts in conformity with the terms of the corresponding legislation.

What is a cookie and what is its purpose?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to the browser and saved on your device when you visit a website like  Frantoioveronesi.com (“the website”).
Cookies allow the site to function efficiently and improve its services, in addition to providing information to the site owner for statistical or advertising purposes, primarily to personalise your navigation experience by remembering your preferences (for example, remembering the language and currency you set, in order to recognise you at the next visit, etc.).

Acceptance Procedures

As specified in the brief notice indicated in the banner, you may give your consent to the use of cookies simply by clicking on the “OK” key, and closing the banner with the “X” key, scrolling down the page or clicking on any element of the content within the site’s pages.
Continuing to navigate upon exiting this cookie policy without specifically choosing to manage permissions is equivalent to granting consent to the use of all cookies.

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?

Our website uses various types of first party cookies (organized and managed by Frantoio Veronesi s.r.l.), and third party cooks (organized and managed by third parties based on their own individual privacy policies and not under the control of Frantoio Veronesi s.r.l.) and similar technologies, each of which has a specific function.

How to remove or block cookies.

By browsing on  Frantoioveronesi.com you implicitly agree to the use of cookies. By default, browsers generally accept the use of cookies from both  Frantoioveronesi.com and third-party sites.
You can still change these settings in different ways depending on the type of browser used.
If several devices different from each other are used to display and access Internet sites (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to reflect cookie preferences.
Disabling cookies may affect user experience of the site; for example, you might not be able to visit certain specific sections or receive customised information.

To manage the use of cookies, you must change your browser settings as follows for the most popular browsers:

To disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting information about your navigation, you can download the add-on to deactivate Google Analytics.

Technical cookies

The navigation technical cookies are needed for the proper operation of the website and allow you to be recognized by our website, so that you do not have to enter data, such as language and country, each time you visit it. For registered users, these cookies allow them to be recognized and to access services in dedicated areas. The technical functional cookies improve the quality and experience of navigation. Disabling technical cookies could compromise the proper operation of the site.

Own or third-party analytical cookies that collect data in anonymous and aggregate form are similar to technical cookies

  • ASPSESSIONIDXXXXX: Session cookie. Maintains the user's state for all page requests. - Storage Duration: session

  • ecomgenuxlastidsession: Retrieves the user's last session. - Data Conservation Period: 1 week

  • jsCookieCheckgxEU, jsCookieCheckgx22, jsCookieCheckgxAnalitici22, jsCookieCheckgxProf22, jsCookieCheckgxTerProf22: It stores the cookie settings. - Data Conservation Period: 6 Months
  • lingua, continente, nazione, nome_nazione_selezionata: It stores the correct language for display. - Data Conservation Period: 1 year
  • Google Analytics (treated as technical cookies by the Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on 08.05.2014 and subsequent clarifications): "Analytic" cookies used to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site. These cookies, which are anonymous, gather information about how a site is used and allow its owner to have a better understanding of its users and to improve the functioning of the site. More information can be found at the Link to the Privacy Policy of the service provider.

Third-Party profiling cookies

These profiling cookies are used to create a user profile for marketing purposes. Frantoioveronesi.com does not have control over the stored information because it is completely controlled by third-parties as described in their respective privacy policy.

  • Google services of: maps, ads, youtube. Allows for the identification of a browsing profile and user choices for the presentation of sponsored results on the online navigation. More information and third-party consent forms are available at the Link to the Privacy Policy of the service provider.
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